We breed our Weimaraners very selectively, choosing only the best in health, temperament and conformity to the breed standard to reproduce our next generation.  Puppies are available occasionally to approved homes from champion, titled, health tested sires and dams.  Our puppies are socialized extensively and raised underfoot in our home.  They are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and are sold with a health warranty, six weeks free puppy insurance and a puppy welcome package, as well as lifetime breeder support.  
Our dogs are first and foremost our family companions and we dedicate a lot of time, effort and attention to getting our puppies off to the right start before leaving our home.  

Our Goals at Breica

We breed our girls very minimally and only when we feel we can contribute to improving and preserving this incredible breed. We work hard to produce sound dogs that adhere to the breed standard in all aspects, especially temperament, health, and conformation. While we do first and foremost breed for ourselves, for our next generation, we do offer well bred, healthy puppies to families for companions, show dogs or performance events.  Having a limited number of litters per year allows us to offer all our puppies plenty of attention and care, getting them off to the very best start prior to them leaving us for their new homes at 9- 10 weeks old. 

Due to the high interest in our puppies, we encourage prospective homes to contact us ahead of time to be placed on our list for future puppies.  

Growing up at Breica

All of our puppies are born and raised inside our home.  For the first three weeks, they are in our bedroom where we can provide the quiet, warm and nurturing environment necessary for neonate puppies.  We handle them very frequently from the day they are born, holding them in different positions and loving on them.

Once the puppies eyes have opened and they’ve started to hear, we gradually move them to our kitchen where they can be exposed to many more sights and sounds.  We begin to introduce them to pottying outside beginning at four weeks, as well as litter training for when they don’t quite make it outside!  Our puppies are also introduced to crating very early, generally by 3-4 weeks they will all pile into a crate to sleep.  

We do our best to set our puppies up for success in their new homes by exposing them to as much as we can safely in the short time they are with us.  They’re exposed to different sights, sounds, different surfaces and other dogs, new people and our cats as well.  They are well started on their socializing and definitely a little pre spoiled before their new family takes over.

Our Puppy Application

Photos of our puppies from past litters